Format & attach a local drive

Determine the device name you want to format, in this case /dev/nvme1n1 Create a directory, in this case /data, and mount it Determine the UUID of your spiffy new mounted device UUID=6a2a2521-8370-4c3b-b952-9c3d7ec10d12 /data ext4 defaults,nofail 0 2 Paste in a line at the bottom of /etc/fstab something like the above:

Helpful GIT settings

git config –global “” git config –global “first last” git config –global push.default simple git config –global credential.helper store git config –global pull.rebase false

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Disabling SELinux

modify the line SELINUX=enforcing in etc/selinux/config file to be SELINUX=disabled

Install latest version of PIP3

curl -O python3 On Debian systems you’ll want to add ~/.local/bin to your path so latest PIP3 will be picked up. On OSX you’ll want to add ~/Library/Python/lib to your path